Aggro-Culture CD--16 bands from the midwest: American Headcharge, Safety Second, Shiloh Church, Krete, The Revolution Theory, Deviant, Rock Star Houston, PE All--Stars, 612 Crew, Grubby Ernie, 35" Mudder, Mediocre Superheroes, 8 Degrees, Conniption Fit, Deadfront, GodKillGod

Only $5 ppd

People 7" (Shlingo! LP2): It has "King Pedro", "The Regal has Landed", "Give Me a J", "Punk Rock Joon" and "Ken Crazy"
Only $3 ppd

The split 7" (Schlingo! LP1): It has "Donuts for Dinner", "Oi Tonite" and a bonus song on our side and 35" Mudder's "Full Scale War" on the other side.
Only $3 ppd

Dirty Demo - 3.98 (Schlingo! T1)- $3 ppd-all out again

1. Give me a J
2. Oi! Tonight--re-recorded 6.98
3. The Regal
4. King Pedro the Divine
5. New Loser
6. At the bar

T-Shirts: Grubby Ernie donut boy on a white T-shirt.
Only $5
---all gone, we'll make a new design
We'll be selling these at shows and in area record stores or you can get one by sending $3 (for the 7") or $5 (for the comp CD) to:

Grubby Ernie c/o Joel Nott

209 N. Maple. Ave.

Ames, IA 50010