Grubby Ernie began in Ames, Iowa in August of 1997. Brad, Matt, and Yuta met drummer Joel through a mutual friend, and soon started bashing out original punk songs flavored with ska and hardcore. With influences ranging from Operation Ivy, the Ramones, the Misfits, NOFX and AC/DC, Grubby Ernie quickly put together thirty songs of old girlfriends, god-like artists, poor eating habits, and Oi!

Grubby Ernie puts on an energy-filled live show, filled with crowd participation and plenty of oi! ISU's KURE has been an early supporter of the band, spinning a number of its newly recorded songs (a self-relseased tape of early basement recordings put out in January '98) on shows such as Cosmo's House of Ska and others.. Since forming, the band has been busy playing shows in and around the Ames area.

Looking to branch out into central Iowa, the band returned to the studio (in their basement) in June '98 to record a split 7" with local heroes 35" Mudder. Some of these songs can be heard on ISU's KURE or on 103.3 Lazer local licks (Sundays at 11). They returned back to the studio (still in their basement) in January '99 to record another 7" that is now available. Right now, they are available to play anywhere, anytime, and for any amount of beer you put in front of them.

Booking: Joel Nott: 515-233-4349 gbh@iastate.edu