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22 July 2002
The hills are alive with the sound of Boy Cow. Remember this past January? I don't. But, I was told we went to FYITM Studios in palatial Ames, IA to record a whole smattering of swingin' Boy Cow tunes. Well, we finally got around to mixing some of them and one of our hottest gems is available here.

Other than that, not much else going on. Joel's going to be a daddy in Rocktober and I got married last week. Oh, and we've got a show coming up in September at the M-shop. So, dig it.

08 May 2002
Hey fruitcakes! Yep, we're still alive, but barely. Since we haven't played or really even seen each other for the better part of 5 months, we figured we'd give you, the loyal fans, something to fill your dreams (and your pants) with; a show. But not just any show, no, not for you. A party. Yep, the best kind of show there is.

Apparently, we're playing this Sat., May 11th, in Ames at a party with Johnny on my Cock, Blank Skeme (featuring Matty Bombalatty on fire axe), and Go Fuck Yourself (the world's newest, and best hardcore band). So there you have it. I have no idea where the party is, but I'm quite sure it will rock your balls off. See you there.

Other news: I think I'll talk to Matt, our studio producer and provider of Champs, about mixing up the stuff we recorded in January. I'm sure it sucks because our guitar player and singer is completely worthless. You know, fuck that guy anyway! More to come...

19 January 2002
We've got a show in February at the M-Shop. Check here for more details. Next weekend, we're heading to FB Jones Studios to do some recording. We'd have been there ealrier, but we were waiting for the deep red carpet to be installed. So, we'll have some sound clips coming to the site soon. We've also supposedly have some live stuff recorded from our show at the BiFi studios and we'll be puttin' that up as well.

AND... there are some photos added, so take a look, jackass.

2 January 2002
Happy New Year, fruitcake. So, I was bored and doing some looking around on the web and lookie what I found:

It's a sweet picture of Joel.

Not much else going on. We played a couple weeks back in Des Moines at Hairy Mary's and in Ames at the BiFi studios. Thanks to all who came out. Oh, and would somebody wake Yuta. Thanks. Pictures (of my ass) coming soon. Hold on tight!

27 November 2001
Some shows next month, one on the 14th in Des Moines at Hairy Mary's and another on the 19th in Ames at the BiFi Studios. Check 'em.

A couple weeks back, we played in Ft. Dodge. Wow. Metal, metal, and more metal. Nice. I don't think anyone liked us, but we had a pretty good time. After the show, Nate, our new roadie and bass player for Johnny On The Rocks and Why Make Clocks (WHY!!!!), then treated us to some hometown goodness in Madrid. I can't remember the name of the bar, but they had Hamms in cans and I was in heaven. Then, someone had the great idea to give Joel hard liquor and the whole night went to hell. Joel scared us. But, Nate was still the hometown hero. Then, Shopko called and we all got in trouble. Then we went home and Penny was REALLY mad. Sorry.

Moral of the story: don't give Joel hard liqour. Period.

Oh, and Matty is no longer Boy Cow's biggest fan. Nate is. Sorry Matt. I hope your Saturday "Movie" Club was all that it was cracked up to be. Stock up on Champs and I might have to join you some weekend.

25 Rocktober 2001
Hey kids. Played last week in Ames at the Boheme. Pretty good show. Highlights, King Kong's Dick breaking any jackass record that was ever held by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Johnny on the Rocks was just swell, as usual. I love the sensitive-guy lyrics mixed with the emo/punk stylings of my penis. And Matt is soooo sexy. I don't even want to talk about Boonie and his sexy-ness. And Doug, stop me.

MONDAY NIGHT EGO!!!! MONDAY NIGTH EGO!!! MONDAY NIGHT EGO!!! My favorite new band. See them NOW!!!

We've got a show coming up in Fort Dodge. It's some benefit/college thing at Iowa Central Community College, called Band-AID (no, I don't think Bob Geldof has anything to do with it). Should be cool. Lots of metal; which, if you think about it, is pretty synonymous with central Iowa and Fort Dodge. If there's one place in Iowa that's shittier than Siouxer City, it's Fort Dodge. It's going to fucking RULE! For real! The show's November 17th and we hit the stage around 6:00-ish. More info here. Also, check out the Band-AID site here.

Until then, tune your fucking guitar!

14 Rocktober 2001
It has become painfully clear that we should really practice before we attempt to play. That's all I have to say about our show at the Lost and Found. Sorry for anyone who heard us.

We've got some shows coming up on Oct. 17th in Ames at the Boheme and another scheduled for next month in Fort Dodge. Oh, and there's some pictures from the Siouxer City show. Aside from that, nothing much going on, so EAT IT.

16 September 2001
Howdy. We just got back from the Siouxer City and boy are our arms tired. That was supposed to be a joke, so you'd better be laughing, jerks. Anyway, the show went pretty well. Siouxer City may suck as a town, but the punk rock shows have always been well represented. There were some kick ass bands coming through town when I was a youngster (Helmet, Jonestown, Jawbox, L7, The Cows, Dog Face Hermans, Love Battery, etc. etc. etc.). I think since there's nothing to do there, the kids get all excited when some rockers come to town.

And that's exactly what happened this weekend. There were the normal technical difficulties associated with putting a show on in a Legion Hall (no PA, bands not showing and the like) but it wouldn't be any fun without that shit. Some locals, Forever Donkey, were up first. They were pretty fun. The crowd dug them and they pretty much rocked. We were up next and got a pretty good reception. I don't think people knew what to expect really, but during the first few notes of our first song, I could start to see the heads bobbin'. And, to top things off, I don't think we fucked up any songs! Amazing!

Unfortunately, since we had to drive back to Ames that night, we took off after a few songs of Tantrum's set. They were pretty fun; a horn section and everything. So, we missed them, Settle For Less, and Jimmy Skaffa. Sucks to be old.

Thanks to Fratty Matty for taking pictures (which we'll post soon) and for Naoko for just being Naoko.

Oh, and if anyone from the Siouxer reads this, see if you can find some 40's of Schlitz and send them to Joel. He was heartbroken that we didn't find any.

Later gators,

25 August 2001
Hey kids. Pella YACfest was pretty cool. Good bands, good grilled pretzels, lots of activities for the kids, etc. etc. etc. The best thing about it was definitely hanging out at BJ's and meeting the town drunk, who was totally wasted, at noon on a Saturday. And, showing the Yuta and Matt how a MAN drinks a quart was pretty fun too. Oh, and hangin' at Death Row was fun too, especially seeing Billy Dee Williams on TV.

We've got a couple of shows coming up. The Sept. 5th show at the Boheme in Ames might not happen. The show will happen, but BOY COW might not make it. Well, actually, I might not make it, since I'm a pansy. But, we've possibly got a show in Des Moines, Thursday Aug. 30th, and then one in my hometown, Siouxer City, on Saturday Sept. 15th. Check the shows page for more details.

That's about it for now.

23 July 2001
It's been a while... let's see, what's been goin' down in the land of Boy Cow. Tom was laid off and still doesn't have a jobby job. Joel's almost finished remodeling his crib; no more tar paper shack for that boy. And Yuta, the corporate frater that he is, just bought a house. Did I mention Tom doesn't have a job anymore?

We're playing at something called the Yacfest in Pella, IA August 4th. Don't ask, we have no idea. It's a benefit for a skate park or something. God, I feel old. We only have one rule we have to follow: no cussing. Shit, there goes the set. Check the shows link for more info. See you there (just kidding).

6 May 2001

Not much going on. Just made a few changes to the mechanics of the site (like any of you care at all, right?) We're playing this coming Friday, May 11th, in Ames at the Octogon. You really should try to make it. A lot of cool bands will be playing all for the low, low price of 5 bones. It's all ages, so kids, get ready to rock your pants off. Check the shows link for more info.

16 April 2001

Welp, show number two is under our collective belts and we couldn't be more pleased. Let's start with some background. The KURE benefit at the M-Shop was scheduled to start around 5 pm. Five bands on the roster: Half the Facts, BOY COW, Blitzhosen, Shiloh Church, and Selby Tigers (more on the bands later).

At about 1:30, Joel and I decided it would be a good time to roll out the motor scooters and drive around town, lookin' for chicks. After "summer-izing" the scoots, we set off; Joel on his sweet Vespa, and me on the grandpa Honda Elite. The ride was pretty uneventful… until the trip home. One block from Joel's house, I rounded a corner and instantly ate shit. I couldn't have been going more than 1 mph. Total jackass. The scooter needs some paint and a reflector and I need a swift kick in the ass. At least I could still move my arm enough to play that night.

The show was cool. First up was Half the Facts. They, unfortunately, fell victim to the nice day outside and therefore didn't have too many people to play in front off.
Highlights: Rockstar girlfriends who tuned up all the guitars for them. New school.

Then, we stumbled on stage.
Highlights: me breaking a string on the first song, the Clear classic, Pedophile (sans guitar), band aids, and Joel and Yuta getting their pictures in the Daily

Blitzhosen was pretty good, but I think a couple of them actually fell asleep on stage.
Highlights: um, they had nice instruments…

Shiloh Church, as always, were crazy. Those guys are fun.
Highlights: the Kool Aid splattered George W. artwork, "Dinosaur Meat", and Yuta attaining the crown of King Jackass ("Clown Town"!!!)

Selby Tigers were cool. Short set, nice costumes and stage presence, especially the bass player.
Highlights: The fake Italian accent and shiny guitars.

Our next show is May 11 in Ames at the Octagon with Pookey Bleum, PE Allstars, and some others. Tell all your friends!


3 April 2001

What's new? Absolutely nothing. Boy Cow will be gracing the M Shop stage in Ames on April 14th. It's some KURE benefit or some damn thing. I don't know. "All I know is, we finally get to kill some people…."

We'll hopefully be getting some new songs down to add to our extensive 6-song catalog. After that, into the studio to record a couple of ditties for an upcoming comp. More on that later.

We'll be adding some pictures to the site later, after we get some. Maybe some pictures of my sack would be cool. Not really.

Props go out to the bands we played with in March at the Botanical Center in DM: Funks G (they rule, love the circus keyboards! Every song's a carnival!), Sparechange00 (very tight!), and that other band from Cedar Rapids (um…, I don't remember their set except for the G'nR cover, sweet. I'm such a jackass that I don't remember their name either).

Well, until April 14th, DFTFY.


27 February 2001

Do you hear it? That low, barely audible rumbling? Can you feel it? Jostling your innards around and making you feel just a bit queasy? I can. And I'm scared.

It's the same feeling I had a few years back, when the Ames music scene was at yet another of its zeniths. I'm talking about the early to mid-90's boy… what the hell are you talking about? Bands like Pawnbrokher Pipedream, Dishwater, Period, Clear, The Dorks, Funky Thermos, The Fontanelles, Grain USA, and Total Passover were all at their collective best, bashing out various "indie rock" sounds and filling the cold Mid Western air with angst and contempt for frat bands and their myriad of "grunge rock" covers. If I heard one more Stone Temple Pilots cover, I swear I would kill. Bands like Dog Town, Lunch Box, and Kiss The Fish made all of our skins crawl. I don't care if they made money, they sucked, and they sucked with an intensity of a thousand, white-hot suns. And that's that.

You might think that's what this rumbling is; a confused old man, bitching about how things used to be No. It's not the repressed hatred for less-than-talented frat rock fucks, or the ramblings of a certain "old schooler". No, it's something much more powerful. Do you remember when, in the old cartoons, there would be a superhero crossover? Like if Superman came to the aid of Batman and Robin in Gotham City? For a brief moment, there existed a super-concentrated center of POWER. And this sense of power, this concentration of energy, is happening in the Great Plains. Do you hear it? Do you feel it? You will…

I mentioned that this scared me. It does, to a certain extent. But it's a good kind of scared. The kind of nervous anxiousness that settles in the pit of your stomach before you take your first flight. Or when your in the waiting room of the dentist's office. You know you will be perfectly safe, but there's this feeling of "what if" lurking in the shadows. And, something is definitely lurking in the shadows now, soon to be fully realized by the light of day.

What if… there was a rock crossover, not unlike that of a superhero crossover? What if this crossover consisted of elements of some of the most influential local bands of early to mid-90's? What if members from old schoolers Grain USA, Dishwater, Clear, Big Stiffy Puppet Show, and Lazy Boy and the Mellow Fellows combined their rocking powers with the legends of the new school Grubby Ernie? What would this do to the local music scene? Would there be room in this two-horse town for all the ROCK? Oh, I think so. In fact, I know so.

Do you hear it now? It's getting closer. In the coming months, the sound will drown out even your own thoughts. So you'd better be prepared. Do your homework. Look up the bands of yesteryear and embrace the current scene. Imagine, if just for a moment, the sheer power of an old school/new school combination. "Hey, you got new school in my old school." "Yeah, well you got old school in my new school…"

I give you BOY COW. Keep an ear and eye out for the rock revolution…