BOY COW - I was never no good at no history
Joel and Tom have know each other for many years. They both attended college together in the heyday of the early 1990's. They met through the local music scene; Joel playing drums for the Urban Dairy Cow Liberation Front and Tom handling the bass duties in Dishwater. The UDCLF soon slimmed their personnel down to a three-piece and their name down to Clear. Tom soon picked up more bassing duties with locals Grain USA . Clear's first show was opening for Grain USA and Tom and Joel's love affair hasn't ended yet.

Joel and Tom teamed up for the first time with Big Stiffy Puppet Show, a metal band that truly ruled, but Tom, to this day, still thinks was a joke. Oh, it wasn't, it was pure metal that Tom's college-rock sensibilities couldn't get a handle on. Big Stiffy was way ahead of it's time. They played the prom at Iowa Falls, got booted from the stage, and disappeared.

Next up for the duo was the best band that ever was; Lazy Boy and the Mellow Fellows, a supergroup made up of the then who's who of the Ames scene. This experimental lounge band played only once, in some garage, at the dawn of what Tom would soon label the "new school". Indie rock was out and ska punk was in (was it really out?).

Tom done graduated real good and moved back home to Sioux City with mommy and daddy because he was broke. Joel got himself a real good job makin' mutated corn protein at ISU and stayed in Ames. Drummers always hard to find, Joel kept himself busy. He continued with Big Stiffy for awhile, changing names and line ups. Then, came Ferung. One word for that, Pedro. No, make that three words, Pedro and Metal Tom. Ferung ruled until one of the members, Gabe moved to New Zealand to make electric motorcycles, or some damn thing.

Joel then hooked up with some "damn kid guitar players, " Brad, Matt and Yuta, through a mutual friend in the summer of 1997. Grubby Ernie was born. One of the best local acts to come along in a long time, Grubby Ernie grabbed Ames by the ball sack and didn't let go. Until Brad graduated from ISU and moved to Minneapolis in 2000.

Back in Sioux City, around the same time Grubby Ernie formed, Tom started working in what was promised to be the "most influential band of the 90's," Canary in the Mine. They weren't and Tom soon stopped going to practice.

During the years away from his bass, Tom turned to the guitar to write sensitive ponytail-guy songs that would get him chicks. He joined up with Clear's singer/guitarist, Chad, who had recently moved to Sioux City, to form Rock Star Houston in 1997. For over a year Rock Star Houston rocked the Siouxer to the rave reviews of their friends and girlfriends, but that was about it. They disbanded in October of 1999.

A dysfunctional friendship developed between Grubby Ernie and Rock Star Houston, the latter giving the former plenty of shit about being "new school". The two bands played and hung out together when they could; Rock Star Houston recording at Grubby Ernie's house and Yuta pissing all over Tom's.

In August of 2000, Tom moved to Iowa City, IA, just two short hours away from Ames, and gave Joel a call. Neither had any "projects" going on, so they thought, "what the hell." Joel talked to Yuta, Yuta said "cool" and promised not to piss on Tom's house, and the rest was or will be historyÖ the history of BOY COW.