1979 Vespa P200E

More pictures
How I attached a sidecar to this scooter

1986 Honda Elite Deluxe

2011-Sold to a friend in Des Moines

1962 Vespa 125

I sold this to my friend a few years back (2000?), he's into the ET4s now

Just got it home.

Starting to tear it apart.
Dropped the engine. It needed new clutch plates, new gearchange cables, some rubber and lots of cleaning. Don't have a picture of it afterwards.

1985 Honda Spree NQ50I

2007-Recently acquired Spree, needs a carb and some TLC, pics soon.
Bought a carb on Ebay and got this thing running. Twisting the throttle resulted in no movement of the tire. Took it apart some more and found the previous owner had removed the drivebelt.
I gave it to my nephew, he bought a belt and is cruising his yard and the gravels with it.