MAME Software Install

I.  Inital Install
II.  ArcadeOS
III.  AdvMenu
V.  Bootup

I.  Initial install

Install GLITCH77'S BOOT CD 12_13_02 ver. 3.90.  Download the zip file, unzip and create a CD from the ISO image.   Boot from this CD and follow the onscreen prompts to install.  This will install AdvMAME 0.62.1 and Arcade OS 2.5.

Copy roms, snapshots and other artwork into MAME directory
C:\>  copy d:\roms\*.* c:\mame\roms
C:\>  copy d:\snapshots\*.* c:\mame\snap
C:\>  mkdir c:\mame\cabinet
C:\>  copy d:\cabinet\*.* c:\mame\cabinet
C:\>  mkdir c:\mame\marquees
C:\>  copy d:\marquees\*.* c:\mame\marquees
C:\>  mkdir c:\mame\titles
C:\>  copy d:\titles\*.* c:\mame\titles

Copy roms, snapshots into ArcadeOS directory
C:\>  mkdir c:\arcadeos\rom
C:\>  copy d:\roms\*.* c:\arcadeos\rom
C:\>  mkdir c:\arcadeos\snap
C:\>  copy d:\snapshots\*.* c:\arcadeos\snap

II.  ArcadeOS setup (download my arcadeos.cfg file)

Open arcadeos.cfg in a text editor and change the following:
mergedroms = 0
autorotate = 1
misc_safequit = 0
soundcard = 1

Start up ArcadeOS, you should see a list of your ROMS.  Each one will be initially set to horizontal (in the list, there will be a "-H" next to the game name).  Rotate each game to vertical by highlighting the game name and pressing the 'L-Ctrl' key once.  The "-H" should change to  "-L".  Do this for each game, it is tedious but I could not find a way to rotate all games in the config file.  After all the games are rotated, press the "L-Alt" key to display the list of rotated games.  Press the 'L-Alt' key again until you get to the horizontal game list (-H games).  Make sure there are none there.  If there are rotate the games using the 'L-Ctrl' key.  Press the 'Space Bar' to rotate the menu.  Select a game and press '1'  to play it.  It should start with no nags and exit without prompting.  

You also need to disable some keys, press '2', go to 'ArcadeOSConfig', press '1', go to 'Keyboard', press '1'.  Change the keys for "games orient", "games shown" and "Orient. of AOS" .  By default they are set to the the keys you will use for the fire buttons.  Change them to anything else you aren't using, I used "A","B","C".

III.   AdvMenu setup (download my advmenu.rc file)

Install AdvMenu from  Download the DOS binary.  Unzip it and transfer it to your computer (I made a CD with the unzipped files).

C:\>  mkdir c:\advmenu
C:\>  mkdir c:\advmenu\doc
C:\>  mkdir c:\advmenu\contrib

Copy all the files from the AdvMenu download to C:\advmenu
C:\>  copy d:\advmenu\*.* c:\advmenu
C:\>  copy d:\advmenu\doc\*.* c:\advmenu\doc
C:\>  copy d:\advmenu\contrib\*.* c:\advmenu\contrib

Copy advmenu.exe to the MAME directory
C:\>  copy c:\advmenu\advmenu.exe c:\mame

Run advmenu to create a default config file
C:\>  cd mame
C:\>  advmenu

Open advmenu.rc in a text editor and change the following:
display_orientation flip_xy mirror_x
event_assign enter 1
event_assign menu 2
misc_quiet yes
display_size  600
ui_fontsize 2
emulator "advmame" advmame "advmame" \
    "%o[,-ror,-flipx,-rol] %o[,,-flipy,]"
emulator_cabinets "advmame" "c:\mame\cabinets"
emulator_marquees "advmame" "c:\mame\marquees"
emulator_titles "advmame" "c:\mame\titles"
emulator_flyers "advmame" "c:\mame\flyers"
mode list_mixed

The event_assign changes were to match the keys needed in ArcadeOS.  

IV.   AdvMAME setup (download my advmame.rc file)

Open advmame.rc in a text editor and change the following:
misc_safequit no
misc_quiet yes

I also added this extra precaution from to stop the nag screens

Open advmame.rc in a text editor and change the following:
Locate the line that reads:
script_video wait(!event()); set(kdb,0);
And change it to:
script_video delay(50); simulate_key(key_o,50); delay(50); simulate_key(key_k,50);  delay(50); simulate_key(key_o,50); delay(50); simulate_key(key_k,50);  delay(50); simulate_key(key_o,50); delay(50); simulate_key(key_k,50);  wait(!event()); set(kdb,0);
Note: The line above must be entered as an unbroken line.

Run AdvMenu and check the to see if everything works properly.
C:\> advmenu

Select a game and press '1' to play it, it should start and be rotated the same as the AdvMenu GUI.  It should start with no nags and exit without prompting.

V.  Bootup (download my autoexec.bat and config.sys files)

If both frontends are running properly, you can choose which one you want to run and have it start automatically by changing your autoexec.bat.  

For ArcadeOS:
cd \arcadesos

For AdvMenu:
cd \mame

I set up a batch file to give the user a choice in front ends on bootup (download menu.bat).  Add the line "menu.bat" to your autoexec.bat file.  Poweroff.exe was from

@echo off
echo                       ∫ÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕ∫
echo                       ∫    Choose the frontend    ∫
echo                       ∫ÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕ∫
echo                       ∫      *** PRESS ***        ∫
echo                       ∫  Player 1 for AdvMenu     ∫
echo                       ∫  Player 2 for ArcadeOS    ∫
echo                       ∫ÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕ∫                              
choice:/c12 /N /T:1,5 Launching ArcadeOS in 5 seconds!

if errorlevel 2 goto arcos
if errorlevel 1 goto advmenu

cd \arcadeos
cd \

cd \mame
cd \