MAME/Console Bartop Cabinet KeyWiz Keymap

Key Keywiz Terminal Function (Emulator) Function (Wahcade)
1 I (eye) 1-player,start Select game
2 J Reset Menu
5 L Coin/Select Previous emulator
P K Pause Next emulator
Esc P Quit current game --
Up arrow U1 Player 1 up up one game in list
Down arrow D1 Player 1 down down one game in list
Left arrow L1 Player 1 left --
Right arrow R1 Player 1 right --
Left Ctrl 1 (one) Player 1 button 1
Nintendo B
Left Alt 2 Player 1 button 2
Nintendo A
Space 3 Player 1 button 3
Nintendo X
Down one page in gamelist
Left Shift 4 Player 1 button 4
Nintendo Y
Up one page in gamelist

"Left Ctrl" has three buttons on the control panel, 1 to the left of the joystick, one to the right of the joystick and the topfire button on the joystick
"Space" has two buttons on the control panel, one setup for a Sega Genesis style controller (3 buttons in a row) and one for the Nintendo style controller (4 buttons in a diamond pattern)